We can help you with your cover letters in four different ways:

    We Write Each Individual Letter for You: Cost = $96 per hour. Most letters take 30 minutes, depending on the length and complexity, meaning a charge of around $48 per letter. Letters that require research of the addressee can take an hour or more at $96 per hour.

    You Write It and We Type/Edit/Proofread Letter: Cost = $96 per hour. Most letters take about 15 minutes, depending on the length and how much editing is required, meaning an average charge of only $24 per letter.

    Mail Merge: You must first provide us with a master cover letter (or we can write it for you). After we type it into the computer (separate charge), you then have a field where you can place information to personalize the letter (address, dear whomever, name of the company mentioned in the body of the letter, title of job opening, where you heard about the job offer, personalized information that is targeted to a specific job, etc.). Once the letter is on file, all you need is to send us a list of addresses and any personalized information for each letter. We will have them ready for you to pick up at your convenience, usually within 24-48 hours, at a cost of only $3.50 to $3.00 per address (price depends on number of letters). This includes a one-page letter laser printed on linen paper, a 9x12 envelope, printed labels, a laser print of your résumé, and a list of the addresses in the database. If the database is complicated or difficult to read, or if the personalized information is more than four typed lines in length, the charge will be based on our standard hourly rate plus cost of stationery and résumés.
    $3.50 (1-5 letters), $3.25 (5-50 letters), $3.00 (50 letters or more)

    Mail Merge with Scanned Signature, Stuffing, Postage, and Mailing, Fax, or E-mailing: Same as above, but we mail them for you... only $4.50 to $4.00 per address (again, depending on quantity). You can send us a signature for scanning ($2.00 charge) or we can sign your name for you. $4.50 (1-5 letters), $4.25 (5-50 letters), $4.00 (50 letters or more)


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