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APPLICANT TRACKING SOFTWARE (ATS) SYSTEMS: As an expert in ATS systems, Pat will make sure your résumé is able to be "parsed" and optimized for keyword searches. As an additional service, she can customize your résumé for each job application by integrating keywords from each advertisement into your résumé. Prices vary. Return to top

ASCII TEXT AND OTHER FILE CONVERSIONS: Before your résumé can be posted to those little e-forms on the Internet, it is much better if it is in ASCII text format so the information can be pasted directly into the forms. You don't want to retype the information into the forms and take the risk of making an error. For a one-time charge of $12 per page, we can convert your MS Word file (or any other format for that matter) to ASCII text and then format it so it looks as good as a text file can look. MS Word conversions are $12 per page. There is no extra charge for PDF files when we write your résumé. Return to top

LINKEDIN, FACEBOOK, AND OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA: It is critical that your social media profiles match your résumé, especially for LinkedIn. Most recruiters now look for candidates on LinkedIn (and sometimes Facebook) even before posting job openings on career websites or even on their company's job page. The "Skills and Recommendations" sections of LinkedIn are especially important. We can post your résumé and fill in the other profile information on LinkedIn and/or Facebook starting at $96. The final price depends on how long your résumé is and how complicated your profile will be (graphics, etc.). Return to top

E-FOLIOS: Pat is an expert on preparing content for personal websites and blogs to help you manage your career and your online reputation. A personal domain name and website are an ideal way to showcase your talents and qualifications. Every C-level executive, medical/legal/academic professional, self-employed consultant, computer programmer, website developer, politician, graphic designer, artist, sculptor, chef, actor, musician, model, dancer, animator, cartoonist, poet, and writer could benefit by the photographs, graphics, animation, sound, color, or movement inherent in a Web-based portfolio. An e-folio is the perfect place to showcase skills that are better seen (or heard) in all their glory. If you want to control what a hiring manager sees when you are "Googled", then a well-designed and promoted e-folio and/or blog are your answer. They allow you to control your online image and differentiate yourself. Having an online presence should be a critical piece of your career management plan. Prices vary. Return to top

REPUTATION MANAGEMENT: Have you Googled yourself lately? Even if you haven't, you can be guaranteed that most interviewers have Googled you before your interview. If your Google results aren't stellar, we can advise you on how to improve your Internet reputation, whether it is getting negative information removed or moving it off the first page of search results. Prices vary. Return to top

RÉSUMÉ POSTING SERVICE: Having difficulty deciding where to post your résumé? Are you without Internet access? Or, is the technology Greek to you? Let ProType/ProWrite do it for you. From Pat’s research for her award-winning book with Barron’s, e-Résumés, she recommends that you first target specific companies. We can go to company websites and post your résumé directly into their résumés databases where your résumé is searched every time a job opening occurs for that company worldwide. Then, we recommend you post your résumé to some of the “Big Three” résumé databases. For only $24 per site (or $8.00 if it involves a simple e-mail or hourly if it requires an application), your résumé is searched hundreds of times. That’s like mailing out hundreds of résumés! Then, there are more than 15,000 industry-specific or association sites that are smaller but could be more specific for your industry. Take your pick or stop with the “Big Three”. Before we can post your résumé, we will need to know your geographical preferences, job title and industry choices, and minimum salary requirements. Return to top

INTERNET RESEARCH: Be prepared for your interview! Gather all the information on the company so you will be ready for that all-important interview. Would you like their latest financial statements or current press releases? Do you need some competitive intelligence? How about the latest information on developing technologies or any other report subject? Let ProType/ProWrite do it for you. Using sophisticated search engines, we can search as deep as you like. In addition to interview preparation, we can also do job searches for you. Let us search the Web for openings that match your objectives. Simply tell us how many hours you would like us to spend at $48 per hour. The author’s personal time, consulting, and customized job search is billed at $96 per hour. Return to top

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